Probably the most common disconnect in most organisations is within sales and marketing, yet fixing this arguably offers the most value. Historically sales have looked at marketers as people that make things look pretty and have “pie in the sky” ideas, while marketers have adopted a superior attitude over the simpletons in sales who “order take” after marketing has done all the hard work.

This is why most companies sales and marketing departments exist with barely contained hostility and a them versus us blame culture. Hardly conducive to producing the best possible result.

Consumers are too well informed and connected to stand for a promise made by one department that is not fulfilled by another. With a decreasing tolerance for bad service and increasing competition can you really afford to not to have your sales and marketing working harmoniously with aligned aims and objectives?

It is vital that marketing must view sales as an extension of itself, to ensure it’s KPI’s are supportive of closing the deal and realising the sales is the point where the game is won and the profits are made. It is equally crucial that sales realise the value delivered by marketing in attracting, engaging and nurturing prospects through the early stages, something that is key in delivering warm prospects that are keen to buy.

“Companies that optimise the sales and marketing relationship grow revenue 32% faster than than those that don’t*”

Sales and marketing should be inter-connected taking a prospect through a carefully choreographed funnel that provides a seamless experience, both departments fully aware of each others role at every stage.

To make it work will take some effort but it will be worthwhile. Using the same data, having joint responsibility for KPI’s, SLA’s, weekly meetings, you must do whatever it takes for everyone to understand the huge importance of a synergistic existence.

Bridging the sales v marketing gap is crucial to effective marketing in an ever increasing digital world. It will require a change in culture, but you will reap vast rewards when you do.

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*source Aberdeen Group

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